About Faculty of Engineering

The University of Lagos is one of the top Engineering Faculties in Nigeria. We have been in Engineering Education for more than fifty years producing some of the biggest names in Engineering Nigeria has known. Operating from the commercial capital of the nation, we are close to industry and economic activities that the profession serves. We have also made landmark achievements, boasting of a higher number of Merit Award Winners and LNG among several prestigious recognitions in the country. In the second half of its first centenary, the faculty of engineering is refocussing. We are placing a higher premium on industry participation in our undergraduate programs. This visibly shows in the number of Laboratories and other projects being funded by government and nongovernmental private commercial interests. We believe that engineering education should take place in the context of engineering practice. This has led us into the ongoing creation of the Unilag-LG Air-conditioning academy which mixes technician training with engineering training and allows the graduates to easily transform into entrepreneurs after graduation. We are also home to the National Center for Engineering Efficiency and we are introducing new certifications in Communications and other areas. During your stay at this faculty, you will discover that there are several of our new projects at various stages of completion. The new PTDF Chemical Engineering Building and the extension of the main engineering center are helping develop new laboratories and enhance the younger programmes in Oil and Gas engineering and Systems Engineering. We are poised to give you the skills that you will need to compete with the best in the world. In the era of globalization, critical thinking, teamwork and multidisciplinary emphasis are needed to give the competitive edge. This informs our multidisciplinary programs in Systems Engineering and other programs to follow. In this prospectus, you will find the information you need to navigate your way into course registrations and data that may be useful for decisions on courses and other relevant issues that may affect your studies. We have added a chapter on Frequently Asked Questions. These are not complete but are a work in progress. The good news is that your prospectus is now available online for free downloads so that changes that we will bring in from time to time will be available to you. On behalf of the faculty of Engineering, I wish you all the best in your professional development to become an engineer that can help Nigeria compete with the rest of the world.